The A-Levels is high stakes, stressful and some may find Economics syllabus overwhelming and difficult to digest. However, we empower our students with essential skills to give them the confidence they need to excel in their Economics examinations.

Common Mistakes. Note them down, understand why and make them no more!

Analyse. Think! Keep asking ‘why’ and consider different scenarios & reasons.

Strong Foundation. Knowing the concepts and knowing them well will serve you well when you are faced with unexpected questions.

Enjoy. Economics is a fascinating subject. Engage with it and you will grow to love it!

“Mr Fok is a very helpful and patient teacher who puts in tremendous amount of effort and time in preparing his students for the A-levels. I have certainly found his lessons interesting and engaging. Thanks to Mr Fok, I achieved an A in Economics — something which I never expected to achieve.”

“Never would have gotten my ‘A’ in Economics for A level if it weren’t for Mr Fok! I got ‘U’ for both my school’s mid-year exams and prelims, but under Mr Fok’s guidance, I managed to get my ‘A’ in A levels. His clear explanations definitely helped tremendously, as did his patience in helping me improve my Economics. Never regretted getting him to be my tutor!”