The Students at JCEconomics

At JCEconomics, we have Economics students practically from all Junior Colleges! They include:

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)
Raffles Institution (RI)
St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)
Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC)
Jurong Pioneer Junior College (JPJC)
National Junior College (NJC)
Anderson Serangoon Junior College (ASRJC)
Victoria Junior College (VJC)
Temasek Junior College (TJC)
Catholic Junior College (CJC)
Tampines Meridian Junior College (TMJC)
Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC)
River Valley High School (RVHS)
Dunman High School (DHS)
Millennia Institute (MI)
Eunoia Junior College (EJC)

Hundreds of students have gone through the doors of JCEconomics and each have benefitted tremendously from the Economics tuition lessons provided by Mr Anthony Fok. They come from many different Junior Colleges, with different aptitudes and personalities. What they do have in common, however, is the faith they have in Mr Anthony and more crucially, in themselves. Every Economics student has it in them to do well, and so do you. All you need to open your very own door to success is finding the right approach under proper guidance.

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Click here to view a list of testimonials written by past students.

Some students come here because their parents signed them up. Many are referred by other students who found JCEconomics tuition helpful and effective. Practically all of them come here in hopes of getting that seemingly elusive ‘A’. Many end up achieving that goal, and many even leave tuition with not simply knowledge pertaining to Economics, but also essential life skills that serve them in good stead in the future. Come join us now for Economics tuition!

“Mr Fok is a very helpful and patient teacher who puts in tremendous amount of effort and time in preparing his students for the A-levels. I have certainly found his lessons interesting and engaging. Thanks to Mr Fok, I achieved an A in Economics — something which I never expected to achieve.”

“Never would have gotten my ‘A’ in Economics for A level if it weren’t for Mr Fok! I got ‘U’ for both my school’s mid-year exams and prelims, but under Mr Fok’s guidance, I managed to get my ‘A’ in A levels. His clear explanations definitely helped tremendously, as did his patience in helping me improve my Economics. Never regretted getting him to be my tutor!”